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a world of tomorrow SEEKING INSPIRATION AND
November 4-6, 2016
Bringing together members of the public
with leaders and experts from Pakistan
and around the globe to discuss emerging
issues and envision a brighter future together
More than 60 panel discussions, debates,
interactive workshops, performances and
much, much more

The End Of Education? .

International Education & Cultural Festival

Event Dimensions .

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A Digital Future

From the days of silent films and radio to today’s emerging robotics, smartphones, and multiplayer online games, technology has always entered into the discourse of societies, raising new hopes and fears and necessitating shifts in societal practice. Yet the pace of recent advances in digital media – not to mention talk about smart homes, driverless cars, artificial intelligence and the ‘Internet of things’ – leaves many of us increasingly anxious about what these changes will mean now and in the future.


A Balanced Future

We all bear a significant historical responsibility to ensure comprehensive, balanced, and sustainable economic and social development for a global population. We look toward the future to promote development in the world as a whole, and promote durable common prosperity and equal opportunities to eliminate poverty while minimizing environmental abuse.


A Safer Future

Scientific and technological advances in recent decades have greatly improved our capacity to predict and protect ourselves from many natural and manmade disasters. However, we remain quite vulnerable both to natural elements and to unpredictability created through crime, wars and global terrorism. This dimension answers questions that seek to address ways to create a safer future for all.


An Expressive Future

Our world would be unimaginable if not for the philosophers, artists and musicians who have upturned the debate on what constitutes society, culture, expressive arts and valued social behavior.


An Inclusive Future

An inclusive world will embrace unity through diversity and recognize that differences based on race, color, religion, creed, social class, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, and disability have no place in an open society. An inclusive world will identify and remove barriers to achievement; for example, by finding innovative solutions for including economically disadvantaged children in the education process. Creating an inclusive future requires review and reconsideration of directions being set by governments across the globe.

Speakers .

 Aitzaz Ahsan

Leader of the Opposition, Senate of Pakistan
 Martin W Lau

Dean, LUMS School of Law
 Ahsan Iqbal

Federal Minister Planning & Development, Islamic Republic of Pakistan
 Hina Rabbani Khar

Former Foreign Minister of Pakistan
 Aurélie Salvaire

Founder, Shift Balance
 Jimmy Nelson

Last tribes photographer
 Sidra Iqbal

Journalist & TV Host
 Hajra Khan

Captain, Pakistan National Women's Football Team
 Atif Aslam

Singer, Actor
 Guneeta Singh Bhalla

Director, 1947 Archive
 Kishwar Naheed

Senior Urdu Poet
 Zubaida Tariq

Celebrity Chef
 Kimberley Motley

Founder, Motley Legal
 Afia Salam

Journalist, Media Trainer, Advertiser
 Muniba Mazari

Founder/Lead Artist, Muniba Canvas
 Fawad Afzal Khan

Actor, Singer
 Lee Davis

Deputy Director for Education, Cambridge International Examinations
 Ayesha Kasuri

Deputy Director Curriculum Development
 Parvez Hassan

Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of Pakistan
 Imran Sarwar

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Rabtt
 Suparna Chaudhry

Editor-in-Chief, Catch News
 Framji Minwalla

Programme Director, Communication & Design, Habib University, Karachi
 Nasir Abbas Nayyar

Assistant Professor Of Urdu, Punjab University, Lahore
 Hassan Nisar

Senior Journalist, GEO NEWS
 Marvi Mazhar

Founder and Principal Architect, Marvi Mazhar & Associates
 Amjad Islam Amjad

Poet, Director, Curriculum Wing Punjab Textbook Board, Lahore
 Shoaib Iqbal

Director / Founder, The Little Art
 Rina Saeed Khan

International Award-winning Environmental Journalist
 Dr Feriha Peracha

Clinical Psychologist, CEO SWAaT for Pakistan
 Hammad Naqi Khan

Director General, WWF Pakistan
 Omair Rana

Actor, Theater Director
 Meesam Naqvi

Director & Actor
 Juggan Kazim

Actress, Model, Television host
 Farieha Aziz

Director, Bolo Bhi
 Tabinda Mazhar

Head of Education, Pakistan & MENA, Cambridge University Press & Assessment
 Rumana Husain

Author, Illustrator
 Gauher Aftab Ahmad

Director Business Development, Paasban The Guardian
 Daniyal Noorani

CEO, KaroKuch
 Ali Raza

Group Director, Beaconhouse
 Kamil Khan Mumtaz

Architect, founder member of Lahore Conservation Society
 Attiya Dawood

Playwright, Poet, Activist
 Nassir Mahmud Kasuri

Executive Director, Beaconhouse
 Jawad Syed

Professor, University of Huddersfield, UK
 Sheema Kermani

Director, Tehrik-e-Niswan
 Jehan Ara

President, PASHA
 Dr Arfa Syeda Zehra

Professor Emeritus, Iqra University, Karachi
 Fawad Khan

Member, Dastangoi
 Narjis Haider

Deputy Head, Beaconhouse Jubilee Campus
 Sanjay Rajoura

Stand-up Comedian
 Nigar Nazar

CEO, Gogi Studios
 Zebunnisa Burki

Deputy Editor, Oped pages of The News
 Norbert Almeida

Security & Crisis Manager
 Sadia Khatri

 Munizae Jahangir

Broadcast Journalist & Documentary Filmmaker
 Deepak Perwani

Fashion Designer
 Sibel Ahmed  Mufti

Biomedical Engineer & Robotics Expert
 Adnan Malik

Actor, Model, Documentary filmmaker, Producer
 Ameena Saiyid

Managing Director, Oxford University Press
 Sophia K. Kasuri

Project Director, The Early Years & Gymboree Pakistan
 Badar Khushnood

Cofounder at Fishry.com, ex-Google, Facebook & Twitter in Pakistan
 Ayesha Tammy Haq
 Kasim Kasuri

Chair SOT, CEO Beaconhouse
 Dr Lawrence Burke

Chief Education Adviser, Beaconhouse
 Qasim Jafri

Cluster General Manager, Avari Hotel
 Mansoor Ali Khan

Senior News Anchor, ARY News
 Jeremy Higgs

Co-founder, EcoEnergy Finance
 Laxmi Narayan Tripathi

Founder Trustee & Chairperson, Astitva
 Jude Heaton

Director, Global Learning Lab, Teach For All
 Shubhendu Sharma

Director, Afforestt
 Rana Ayyub

 Jamshed Kazi

Country Representative, UN Women Pakistan
 Sadia Hussain

Executive Director, SPARC
 Ghazi Salahuddin

Senior Journalist
 Kami Chouhdry

Trans Rights Activist
 Uzair Khan

Member of National Assembly, Pakistan
 Salman Sufi

Sr Member Law and Order, CM Special Monitoring Unit
 Anis ur Rehman

Vice Chairman, Special Olympics Pakistan
 Hafsah Shorish

Director, Plan X
 Naeem Bukhari

Senior Anchorperson
 Yasser Bashir

Founder & CEO, Arbisoft Ltd.
 Jibran Nasir

Lawyer, Civil Rights Activist, and Politician
 Khurshid Mahmud  Kasuri

Former Foreign Minister of Pakistan
 Vaneeza Ahmad

Model & Actor
 Saira Mubashir  Butt

General Manager, Early Years Education, Beaconhouse School System
 Rukhe Neelofar Zaidi

Manager Curriculum-Art, Beaconhouse School System
 Dr Sohail Naqvi

Rector, University of Central Asia
 Salima Hashmi

Artist, Curator, Contemporary Art Historian
 Rashid Rana

Leading Artist & Dean, School of Visual Arts & Design, BNU
 Scheherazade Asdar Ahmad

Founder, The Lyceum
 Arun Mehta

Professor of Research & Technology, Sharda University
 Leila Rasul Khan

Classical Dance Perfomer
 Rabia Anum

News Anchor, GEO News
 Bindiya Rana

President, Gender Interactive Alliance
 Afshan Khalid

Educationist and Head of School Evaluation, Beaconhouse
 Baela Jamil

CEO, Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA)
 Zohaib Kazi

Author, Producer, Musician
 Ali Aftab Saeed

Comedian & Musician
 Ajmal Jami

Anchorperson, Dunya News
 Zehra Kamal

Clinical Psychologist
 Beenish Saleem

Anchorperson, Capital TV
 Hala Bashir

Project Leader, Walled City of Lahore Conservation
 Ali Noor

 Hassan Askari Rizvi

Senior Military and Political Analyst
 Dr Taimur Rahman

Associate Professor, Political Science, LUMS
 Ali Kazmi

 Roilo Golez

Philippine Politician
 Nadine Murtaza

Educator & Executive Director, Headstart School
 Nabila Zeeshan

Early Childhood Educator
 Shabana Majid

Speech Therapist
 Tapu Javeri

Fashion & Art Photographer
 Zain Ahmed

Theater Actor/Director, National Academy of Performing Arts
 Saad Hamid

Innovation & Community Lead, Invest2innovate
 Fatima Rizwan

CEO, TechJuice.pk
 Kim Langen

CEO, Spirit of Math
 Sophia Nayab

Player, Pakistan's Women Football Team
 Shayyan Haque

Player, Pakistan's Women Football Team
 Iram Naqvi

 Yousuf Kerai

Musician & Associate Professor, Habib University
 Mohsin Hamid

Award-winning, International Author
 Ahmed Rasheed

 Sabene Saigol

CEO, Red Communications
 Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan

Punjab Education Minister
 Jugnu Mohsin

Editor, The Friday Times
 Sajjad Rafique

Pediatrician, Hameed Latif Hospital
 Margaret Madden

Professor of Education, Notre Dame Institute of Education
 John Lipton

Team Leader, GDSI Ltd
 Zahid Masood

Poet, Writer
 Noor Fatima

Game Developer, We R Play
 Sadia Hamid

Resident Manager (North), Pakistan Society of Training and Development
 Tariq Rahman

Dean, School of Education, BNU, Lahore
 Sameer Hussain

Game Developer, We R Play
 Andrew Mark Thornton

Former President, Citizenship Foundation
 Insiya Syed

Award Winning Photographer
 Amna Salik

Senior Specialist I & M, Abu Dhabi Education Council, UAE
 Fatimeh Kashif

Owner, The Warehouse: Fitness Studio
 Tina Sani

 Sanayah Malik

Citizen Archives Pakistan
 Fakhra Hassan

1947 Archive
 Rubi Mahmood

Programme Manager, School Development Division , Abu Dhabi Education Council
 Aatekah Mir

Corporate Media Relations Manager, Nestle Pakistan
 Clive Barnes

Head of School, TNS Beaconhouse
 Qasim Aslam

Co-Founder, The History Project
 Shafaat Ali Syed

Comedian/TV Host, GEO News
 Zachary Chase

Office of Educational Technology, US Department of Education
 Nadia Naviwala

Global Fellow , Woodrow Wilson Center Public Policy
 Marvi Sirmed

Journalist & Human Rights Activist
 Muhammad Ayub Khan

Educator & Philanthropist
 Farzana Jan

President, TransAction KPK
 Andleeb Abbas

Speaker, Consultant & Trainer
 Dr Mariam Chughtai

Director, National Curriculum Council, Federal Ministry of Education
 Anjum Ahmed

 Sarwat Gillani

Model, Actor
 Sanam Saeed

Actress & Model
 Ali Rehman Khan

Actor & Model
 Fakhr-e Alam

Actor, TV Host
 Mian Imran Masood

President, Pakistan Education Council
 Zehra Moinuddin

Integrative Psychodynamic Therapist
 Rizwan Beyg

Fashion Designer
 Ejaz Haider

Senior Journalist
 Shershah Syed

Writer, Poet
 Sardar Muhammad Bux

Sindh Sports Minister
 Sophia Saifi

Producer, CNN Pakistan
 Mehreen Jabbar

Film Director
 Naveed A Malik

Rector, Virtual University of Pakistan
 Mina Malik-Hussain

Writer, poet
 Ibn Abdur Rehman

Secretary General, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan
 Sahar Zaman

Player, Pakistan's Women Football Team
 Fauzia Viqar

Chairperson, The Punjab Commission on Status of Women
 Quddus Mirza

Artist and Art educator
 Amina Ali

 Muhammad Waqas

Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer, WonderTree
 Scherezade Tarar

Senior Manager, School Improvement & Professional Development
 Benje Williams

Cofounder, CEO of Amal Academy
 Kashif Abbasi

Senior Anchorperson
 Kiran Khan

Pakistan Olympian Swimmer
 Munnu Bhai

Columnist, Poet, Writer
 Hareem Farooq

Film and TV Actress
 Archana Thapa

 Asma Sherazi

Senior Journalist
 Maksim Suchkov

Editor, Al-Monitor Russia-Mideast
 Jerjees Seja

CEO, ARY Digital Network
 Nausher Khan

Programme Manager, Khwajasira Support Program
 Kamran Lashari

Director General, Walled City Lahore Authority
 Zia Mohyeddin

Actor, Producer & Director
 Ali Azmat

Singer, Musician
 Isfundiar Kasuri

Executive Director, New Globe, Tech Entrepreneur & Education Reform Specialist
 Rishm Najm

Educationist, Curriculum Developer and Professional Development Expert, Lahore Grammar School
 Farahnaz Salman

Business Development & Administration, SCAFA
 Sarah Tareen

Film Producer/Director
 Aisha Amir Ahmed

Educator, Founder & Lead Consultant, Amaltas Education
 Risham Hosain Syed

Head of Visual Arts Department, School of Visual Arts & Design, BNU
 Sadaf Zarar

Founder, Siddy Says
 Safia Cassim

Cluster Director North, Beaconhouse
 Fahd Hussain

Journalist, TV Anchor