Marvi Mazhar

Founder and Principal Architect, Marvi Mazhar & Associates

visual ethnography, Heritage Expert, Architect, Research in Heritage Preservation

Marvi Mazhar is an architect and heritage consultant based out of Karachi, Pakistan. Her work focuses on the changing footprint of Karachi’s inner city through archives and constant visual ethnography of purana shehr (old town) versus naya shehr (new / reclaimed town). Her most recent work is to understand the legalities of public heritage properties, amenity plots and urban parks of Karachi, and to understand the gated community from a socio-analytical perspective. Through her practice, she examines how the cities grow in an isolated architectural practice versus those in a mohalla / neighborhood based design practice. Apart from leading her design and research studio, Mazhar currently serves on several government boards and actively participates in numerous city rehabilitation politics and urban interventions. She is currently on an academic sabbatical as Chevening Scholar at Goldsmith University of London, MA in Research Architecture.

Architect, Founder, Heritage, Researcher, Leader

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