Adnan Malik

Director, Executive Producer, Actor

Actor, Model, Documentary filmmaker, Music video producer

Film and TV star Adnan Malik is a multi-faceted, multi-talented media entrepreneur who can turn his hand at acting, directing, creative problem-solving and speaking up for the right causes at the right time. The Sadqay Tumhare and Cake star, also runs AMP, Adnan Malik Productions, an award-winning TV commercial, music video and documentary production house. Alongside this he is also World Wildlife Fund (WWF) goodwill ambassador for Pakistan and an Asia Society Fellow. Adnan represents the 21st century male who is successful and ambitious but also gender-sensitive, compassionate and dedicated to various social causes. His specific areas of interest are mental health, wellbeing and finding balance and harmony between the demands of contemporary society and self-care.

Actor, Producer, Film maker

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