Mian Imran Masood

President, Pakistan Education Council

Mian Imran Masood is President of Pakistan Education Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening private educational institutions to enhance the state of education in Pakistan. The former minister education of Punjab, Pakistan, Mr Masood is a senior parliamentarian having held senior positions in the Government of Pakistan. Mr Masood has participated in policy-making being the elected member of the Punjab provincial assembly, holding various ministry portfolios in different government tenures. His focus has been in the areas of education, health, human rights, women empowerment, environment, culture and heritage. An avid supporter of public-private partnerships, Mr Masood, has contributed to achieving meaningful progress in the education sector. In 2002, he launched the most comprehensive education reform programme ever in Punjab, subsequently adopted nationwide. The programme featured free education for every child, free textbooks for public sector students and stipends for female students supported by the World Bank as a key partner. This reform programme was rated as one of the best programmes globally with the aim to achieve Pakistan’s Millennium Development Goals. Mr Masood is currently the Vice-Chancellor of The University of South Asia in Lahore, Member of Punjab Higher Education Commission, Chief Spokesperson of APSUP (Association of All Private Sector Universities of Pakistan) as well as the Chairman of Gandhara Association of Art and Culture, Pakistan.

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