Shafaat Ali Syed

Comedian/TV Host, GEO News

Mr Syed Shafaat Ali is an artist known for mimicking public figures. He was born in Peshawar and is an engineering student. In 2006, Mr Ali co-hosted The 4 Man Show, in which he would make calls impersonating political leaders. Fast forward to 2007, he made it big and appeared as journalist Shahid Masood on the series, where he continued working for three and half years. Then he stepped up his game in 2011, as he co-hosted Banana News Network. In 2016, videos of Mr Ali went viral on social media in which he impersonated some important political figures and he became an overnight sensation. He is exceptional when it comes to acting or singing ability. Mr Ali has started his own production, Mere Aziz Hum Watno.

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