Hammad Naqi Khan

Director General, WWF Pakistan

Environmentalist, Supervisor, Project Manager, resource mobilisation, , coordinatior, budget disbursement.

Hammad Naqi Khan is a passionate environmentalist who has dedicated his career to finding sustainable solutions to a multitude of conservation issues. Both a LEAD fellow and a Chevening scholar, he holds a Master’s degree in Water and Environmental Management from the University of Birmingham, UK. Khan is currently serving as the Director General at WWF Pakistan, the largest environmental organisation in Pakistan, and part of the global WWF network. Having dedicated over 25 years to the organisation, he was instrumental in setting up its Freshwater programme during his early career. Under his leadership, WWF Pakistan is now operating across the length and breadth of the country, with over 40 active projects across various conservation priority areas. Khan is also a non-official member of the Pakistan Climate Change Council, chaired by the Prime Minister.

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