Insiya Syed

Award Winning Photographer

Fashion and lifestyle writer, marketer and image consultant is how Ms Insiya Syed chooses to describe herself. Shooting pictures of the streets of Karachi while driving around with her family, is Ms Syed’s earliest memory of inclination towards photography. For her, photography has been a long and continuous learning experience: first as a pastime and then on the job. One of the country’s most successful visual artists, Ms Syed’s work has been published in esteemed publications, such as ‘The Telegraph’ ‘Glamour Magazine’ ‘Le Monde’ ‘Communications Arts Magazine’ and ‘The Washington Post’. Her accolades include photos in 2011 best pictures of the year best edition of TIME light box. Earlier in 2013, her work, ‘Unabridged and Unpublished’ was published in a book – ‘Kam Sukhan’ a collective with contributions by eight other female photographers by Markers. She currently works as a freelance journalist for Thomson Reuters.

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