Yousuf Kerai

Musician & Associate Professor, Habib University

Yousuf Kerai is a celebrated table player with over 25 years of experience as a practitioner of South Asian music. He is an Associate Professor of Practice for Comparative Humanities at Habib University where he previously served as a Senior Lecturer for Integrated Sciences and Mathematics. As Founding Director for the Centre for South Asian Music at Habib University, he has been instrumental in garnering student interest towards learning musical skills and theory, and has helped create a framework for music course offerings and for a unique minor in South Asian music. Every year Kerai directs, along with renowned musical maestros, a student orchestra of over 30 students. He also leads an ensemble of classically trained musicians by the name of Tarz Group. The ensemble has performed extensively across Pakistan and released an album, The Essence of South Asia, in 2015. Kerai holds a Master’s of Arts in Teaching Mathematics from Bennington College.

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