Muhammad Ayub Khan

Educator & Philanthropist

Mr Mohammad Ayub Khan, popularly known as Master Ayub, is a civil servant and educator, who is known for spending his after-job hours and weekends teaching students in an open-air school in F-6 sector, Islamabad. Master Ayub, originally belonging to Mandi Bahauddin, is a fire fighter. He started his open air, free-of-cost school when he moved to Islamabad for work. Master Ayub started teaching a group of four students. The number of students have been increasing exponentially and currently 200 students are enrolled in the school. All the students studying at the school are underprivileged and are being taught free of cost. There is now a management team that has started a volunteer programme where different students from schools, colleges and universities come to the park to teach the children. There are two full-time teachers beside Master Ayub, who have been teaching without any remuneration. Master Ayub’s primary objective is to get children into the mainstream educational system, hence, the subjects taught at the school include English, Mathematics, Urdu, History, Social Studies and Islamiat. It has also become part of the school’s tradition that older students teach younger classes in their spare time.

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