Afia Salam


Journalism, Content Development, Media Trainings, Advertising, Media Relations

Afia Salam is a freelance journalist, media development and environment practitioner and a social activist. She contributes to Dawn, Express Tribune, Newsline, Aurora, The News on Sunday Pique and ThirdPole. She has a Master’s degree in Geography from the University of Karachi but ventured into journalism and became Pakistan's first female cricket journalist. She is also a visiting faculty at the IoBM, taught a course on Media Laws and Ethics, and is currently teaching Environmental Journalism. Afia is also a development communications specialist and undertakes journalism trainings in the fields of Environment, Climate Change, Gender Issues and Media ethics, and also trains corporates and social enterprises in media management. Currently, she is working as the Communications Lead for an alternative education initiative called Badal Do, which focusing on a school enrichment programme to bring in values of critical thinking, cultural engagement, reflective thinking and civic responsibility.

Journalist, Media Trainer, Advertiser

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