Guneeta Singh Bhalla

Director, 1947 Archive

Dr Guneeta Singh Bhalla is founder of The 1947 Partition Archive (www.1947PartitionArchive.org). Previously, she was an experimental condensed matter physicist who recently completed her tenure as a post-doctoral researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California at Berkeley. After a 2008 visit to the oral testimony archives at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, Dr Bhalla was inspired and began interviewing Partition witnesses in 2009. It was a deeply enriching experience and she wanted to share it with everyone. She was also troubled with the realisation that the generation of eyewitnesses was nearly gone and taking their stories with them. This led to the concept of crowdsourcing oral histories of Partition, thereby engaging the public in recording the people's history of the world's largest mass human displacement. In 2011 The 1947 Partition Archive was born. In 1947 her father's family migrated from Lahore to Amritsar on August 14.

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