Fawad Khan

Member, Dastangoi

Actor, Performer, Dastan-goi, Producer

The idea of Dastangoi came to Mr Nazrul Hassan, Mr Syed Meesum Naqvi and Mr Fawad Khan when they attended a workshop by Mr Danish Hussain and Mr Mahmood Farooqui who tried to revive the tradition of dastangoi in India. The art form reached its zenith in the Indian subcontinent in the 19th century and is said to have died with the demise of Mir Baqar Ali. The group’s dastangoi is primarily inspired by what Mr Hussain and Mr Farooqui do and partly from what they have learnt from their teacher Mr Zia Mohyeddin. Dastangoi’s main aim is to revive the tradition of dastangoi and spread awareness of the 16th-century Urdu oral storytelling art form.

Dastangoi, Performer, Actor

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