More than 40 panel discussions, debates, interactive
workshops, performances, and much, much more
The End Of Education? (as we know it), 28-29 November 2015, Karachi-Lahore. A World of Tomorrow, 4-6 November 2016, Lahore-Pakistan.
11-12 March, 2017
At: Pak-China Friendship Center, Islamabad
A WORLD Of TOMORROW A World of Tomorrow, 4-6 November 2016, Lahore-Pakistan

A World Of Tomorrow .

Event Dimensions .

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A Digital Future

From the days of silent films and radio to today’s emerging robotics, smartphones, and multiplayer online games, technology has always entered into the discourse of societies, raising new hopes and fears and necessitating shifts in societal practice. Yet the pace of recent advances in digital media – not to mention talk about smart homes, driverless cars, artificial intelligence and the ‘Internet of things’ – leaves many of us increasingly anxious about what these changes will mean now and in the future.


A Balanced Future

We all bear a significant historical responsibility to ensure comprehensive, balanced, and sustainable economic and social development for a global population. We look toward the future to promote development in the world as a whole, and promote durable common prosperity and equal opportunities to eliminate poverty while minimizing environmental abuse.


A Safer Future

Scientific and technological advances in recent decades have greatly improved our capacity to predict and protect ourselves from many natural and manmade disasters. However, we remain quite vulnerable both to natural elements and to unpredictability created through crime, wars and global terrorism. This dimension answers questions that seek to address ways to create a safer future for all.


An Expressive Future

Our world would be unimaginable if not for the philosophers, artists and musicians who have upturned the debate on what constitutes society, culture, expressive arts and valued social behavior.


An Inclusive Future

An inclusive world will embrace unity through diversity and recognize that differences based on race, color, religion, creed, social class, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, and disability have no place in an open society. An inclusive world will identify and remove barriers to achievement; for example, by finding innovative solutions for including economically disadvantaged children in the education process. Creating an inclusive future requires review and reconsideration of directions being set by governments across the globe.

Our Speakers .

 Atta Ur Rahman

National Professor, University of Karachi
 Dr Pervez A Hoodbhoy

Professor of Physics and Mathematics, Forman Christian College, Lahore
 Uldus Bakhtiozina

Artist, Photographer
 Gelareh Kiazand

Freelance Camera/Producer
 Aurélie Salvaire

Founder, Shift Balance
 Alex Haines

Barrister at Law
 Tina Sani

 Shahidul Alam

Artist, Photographer
 Shubhendu Sharma

Director, Afforestt
 Jibran Nasir

Lawyer, Civil Rights Activist, and Politician
 Kami Chouhdry

Trans Rights Activist
 Martijn Van Strien

Founder, Post-Couture Collective
 Ayesha Kasuri

Deputy Director Curriculum Development
 Ali Tauqeer Sheikh

CEO, LEAD Pakistan
 Ambreen Ahmad

Founding member/Advisor, Rozan (NGO)
 Framji Minwalla

Programme Director, Communication & Design, Habib University, Karachi
 Rina Saeed Khan

International Award-winning Environmental Journalist
 Hammad Naqi Khan

Director General, WWF Pakistan
 Farieha Aziz

Director, Bolo Bhi
 Harris Khalique

Critic, Poet
 Sana Mir

Captain, Pakistan National Women's Cricket Team
 Kashif Naseer
 Zain Mustafa

 Nassir Mahmud Kasuri

Executive Director, Beaconhouse
 Harsh Narayan

Co-Founder & Executive Director, SPIC MACAY Network
 Sheema Kermani

Director, Tehrik-e-Niswan
 Jehan Ara

President, PASHA
 Abdul Hameed Nayyar

Social Activist
 Nigar Nazar

CEO, Gogi Studios
 Syed Talat Hussain

Journalist & Anchor
 Zebunnisa Burki

Deputy Editor, Oped pages of The News
 Tahira Abdullah

Development worker & Humanrights defender
 Norbert Almeida

Security & Crisis Manager
 Sadia Khatri

 Afia Salam

Journalist, Media Trainer, Advertiser
 Deepak Perwani

Fashion Designer
 Sophia K. Kasuri

Project Director, The Early Years & Gymboree Pakistan
 Gharida Farooqi

Senior Anchorperson, Express News
 Ayesha Tammy Haq
 Kasim Kasuri

Chair SOT, CEO Beaconhouse
 Dr Lawrence Burke

Chief Education Adviser, Beaconhouse
 Hajra Khan

Captain, Pakistan National Women's Football Team
 Qasim Jafri

Cluster General Manager, Avari Hotel
 Mansoor Ali Khan

Senior News Anchor, ARY News
 Jamshed Kazi

Country Representative, UN Women Pakistan
 Ghazi Salahuddin

Senior Journalist
 Salman Sufi

Sr Member Law and Order, CM Special Monitoring Unit
 Naeem Bukhari

Senior Anchorperson
 Saira Mubashir  Butt

General Manager, Early Years Education, Beaconhouse School System
 Salman Hameed

Associate Professor, Integrated Science and Humanities, Hampshire College
 Afshan Khalid

Educationist and Head of School Evaluation, Beaconhouse
 Kamila Shamsie

Novelist, Writer
 Zohaib Kazi

Author, Producer, Musician
 Zehra Kamal

Clinical Psychologist
 Tapu Javeri

Fashion & Art Photographer
 Saad Hamid

Innovation & Community Lead, Invest2innovate
 Yousuf Kerai

Musician & Associate Professor, Habib University
 Insiya Syed

Award Winning Photographer
 Qasim Aslam

Co-Founder, The History Project
 Shafaat Ali Syed

Comedian/TV Host, GEO News
 Nadia Naviwala

Global Fellow , Woodrow Wilson Center Public Policy
 Kiran Khan

Pakistan Olympian Swimmer
 Asma Sherazi

Senior Journalist
 Isfundiar Kasuri

Executive Director, New Globe, Tech Entrepreneur & Education Reform Specialist
 Lina Khalefa

Founder, SheFighter
 Moni Mohsin
 Sumair Ali  Khan

Trans Activist, Sab Rang Society
 Bilal Musharraf

Director Strategic Partnerships, Edmodo
 Haider Ali

CEO, Phool Patti Truck Art
 Monis Rahman

Founder, Dukaan, Rozee.pk & Finja
 Ayla Raza

Director, All Pakistan Music Conference
 Sonya Battla

Fashion Designer
 Salman Rashid

Fellow, Royal Geographical Society
 Anoosha Shaigan

Vice President, CourtingTheLaw
 Hirra Babar

Co-Founder, SMAG
 Amin Gulgee

Artist, Designer
 Naznin Murtaza

Founder, Headstart School
 Uzma Yousuf

Country Director Pakistan, Cambridge University Press & Assessment
 Fawad Asghar

Chief Technology Officer, We.R.Play
 Usman Ansari

E-Commerce Expert
 Junaid Iqbal

Managing Director, Careem Pakistan
 Fasi Zaka

Political Commentator and Columnist
 Sana Mahmud

Captain, Pakistan Women's Basketball Team
 Shaheer Khan

Mind Reader
 Tasneem Siddiqui

 Hammad Husain

 Gillian Rhodes

International Performer
 Kaiser Bengali

Senior Economist
 Arif Mahmood

Senior Photojournalist
 Rehma Gilani

Doctor of Gynae and Obs
 Herman Bergsma

Chief Technical Advisor Disaster Risk Management
 Mowadat Hussain Rana

Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Expert
 Samar Minallah Khan

Anthropologist and Filmmaker
 Qudsia Rahim

Vice-Chair, Lahore Biennale Foundation
 Marriyum Aurangzeb

Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting
 Ivan Ivanissevich

Ambassador of Argentina to Pakistan
 Atif Khan

Provincial Minister Of Education, Khyber Pakhtunkhwan
 Nadeem Ahmad

SDG Team Leader, LEAD Pakistan
 Christina Von Sperling Afridi

Founder/Chairperson, KKAWF
 Faisal Javed Khan

Additional Secretary Information, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
 Joanna Reid

Head, DFID Pakistan
 Owais Tohid

Journalist, Senior Anchorperson
 Nayyar Ali Dada

Senior Architect
 Javaid Iqbal

Digital Futurist
 Shakeel Qadir Khan

Secretary Home Department, Government Of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
 Iram Zia  Raja

Textile Design Department, National College of Arts
 Farooq Qaiser

Senior Artist
 Aqsa Tariq

Editorial Head - Content, Communications & Conferences, IDG Pakistan
 Shamyl Bin  Mansoor

Assistant Professor Computing, NUST
 Sarah Mehboob Khan

Professional Tennis Player
 Wusat Ullah Khan

Journalist & Co-host, Dawn News
 Sidra Iqbal

Journalist & TV Host
 Jamal Shah

Federal Minister for Culture & Heritage, Actor & Cultural Advocate
 Valerie Khan

Social Activist