Aqsa Tariq

Editorial Head - Content, Communications & Conferences, IDG Pakistan

Aqsa Tariq is both, a keen social scientist and journalist. One of the co-founders of Orange Tree Foundation, she is the Chief Agility & Learning Officer at Rasala Publications Group, where she serves as Editorial Head for the IDG franchise for the last seven years. Under her work sphere is engineering local content care for IDG's international brands such as Computerworld, CSO, CIO, PC World and MacWorld. She also looks after content for the conferences and events which IDG produces in Pakistan year long. Her part time initiatives include social undertakings and an interest in how society at large can benefit from technology. Aqsa has also represented Pakistan's swimming team both at local and international meets having won several trophies for the same. Holding a degree in Social Sciences, she is currently pursuing a post graduate degree in Education and Leadership Management.

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