Naznin Murtaza

Founder, Headstart School

Ms Naznin Murtaza, the Founder and CEO of Headstart School, is an alumna of Kinnaird College, Class of 1979 and a trained Montessori directress with a strong passion for the field of education. Ms Murtaza laid the foundations of a school in 1991 that is now a leading institute with a network of 10 campuses and 2,400 students. She has brought to life her vision of a school in the landscapes of Headstart’s flagship Kuri Campus. When the comprehensive Robotics programme was introduced by Mr Najib Murtaza (late) for the first time in Pakistan in 2003, Ms Murtaza provided her full support to the programme. They named it Headstart Robofort Centre for Engineering and Robotics, and the technical support was provided by PCS Edventures Inc. (based at Idaho, USA). Over the years, their brainchild blossomed into a highly successful school-wide programme, in which students learn robotics, design and programing. It has been two years now that Headstart is hosting its own annual Robotics Competition nationwide.

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