A world of tomorrow
3-4 November
A world of tomorrow
120 Speakers | 15 Countries | 40 Sessions
Panel Discussions, Debates, Interactive
Workshops, Performances and much
A World of tomorrow
a World of tomorrow
Welcome to the Future !

A World Of Tomorrow Reimagined .

Conference Dimensions .


A Symbiotic Future

Artificial intelligence is not new: the earliest known rudimentary AI was developed by the Egyptians to multiply two numbers. But the recent mergers of evolving technologies with medical science, genetics, and engineering have created a powerful symbiosis of human and artificial intelligence that challenges the notion of humans as supreme beings. It is predicted that within 20 years, AI will be billions of times smarter than humans and that our survival as a species will be predicated on our ability to merge with machines.


A Balanced Future

We all bear an ethical responsibility to ensure comprehensive, balanced, and sustainable economic and social development for a global population. We therefore look toward the future to promote durable common prosperity and nities to eliminate poverty while minimising environmental abuse.


An Unknown Future

Despite posing the most courageous and discerning questions, there can be no denying the reality that the future – even tomorrow –remains intrinsically unknown. Will this be a safer future for us? How should adults reared in yesterday’s world approach the task of raising children for an unknown future? This dimension seeks to find hope in navigating an unseen and unknown terrain.


An Expressive Future

Our world would be unimaginable if not for the philosophers, artists and musicians who have upturned the debate on what constitutes society, culture, expressive arts and valued social behaviour – and thus reshaped our minds and our behaviour. Visionary leaders and social movements have brought together diverse cultural beliefs and have succeeded in establishing a new social contract for an expressive future.


An Inclusive Future

An inclusive world will embrace unity through diversity and recognise that differences based on race, colour, religion, beliefs, social class, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry, age, and disability have no place in an open society. An inclusive world will identify and remove barriers to achievement and fulfilment. Creating an inclusive future calls for a review of directions being set by both governments and societies across the world.

Speakers .

 Cris Rowan

Paediatric occupational therapist, biologist & Author
 Arif-ur-Rehman Alvi

President, Islamic Republic of Pakistan
 Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Filmmaker, Journalist
 Salima Hashmi

Artist, Curator, Contemporary Art Historian
 Adnan Malik

Actor, Model, Documentary filmmaker, Producer
 Jehan Ara

President, PASHA
 Vera de Pont

Founder, Fashion of Future
 Tina Sani

 Saad Hamid

Innovation & Community Lead, Invest2innovate
 Sanam Saeed

Actress & Model
 George Fulton

TV Host, George ka Pakistan
 Sidra Iqbal

Journalist & TV Host
 Jibran Nasir

Lawyer, Civil Rights Activist, and Politician
 Arieb Azhar

Director, T2F
 Marvi Mazhar

Founder and Principal Architect, Marvi Mazhar & Associates
 Shahjahan Chaudhary

Director, National Incubation Centre Karachi
 Shoaib Iqbal

Director / Founder, The Little Art
 Farieha Aziz

Director, Bolo Bhi
 Nassir Mahmud Kasuri

Executive Director, Beaconhouse
 Laila Kasuri

Water Engineer, The World Bank
 Zebunnisa Burki

Deputy Editor, Oped pages of The News
 Norbert Almeida

Security & Crisis Manager
 Khalid Ahmad

Head of Dramatic Studies, National Academy of Performing Arts, Karachi
 Afia Salam

Journalist, Media Trainer, Advertiser
 Deepak Perwani

Fashion Designer
 Ayesha Tammy Haq
 Kasim Kasuri

Chair SOT, CEO Beaconhouse
 Dr Lawrence Burke

Chief Education Adviser, Beaconhouse
 Hajra Khan

Captain, Pakistan National Women's Football Team
 Ghazi Salahuddin

Senior Journalist
 Kami Chouhdry

Trans Rights Activist
 Saira Mubashir  Butt

General Manager, Early Years Education, Beaconhouse School System
 Mehmal Sarfraz

Journalist & Co-founder, The Current
 Dr Taimur Rahman

Associate Professor, Political Science, LUMS
 Tapu Javeri

Fashion & Art Photographer
 Yousuf Kerai

Musician & Associate Professor, Habib University
 Qasim Aslam

Co-Founder, The History Project
 Shafaat Ali Syed

Comedian/TV Host, GEO News
 Benje Williams

Cofounder, CEO of Amal Academy
 Solonia Teodros

Co-Founder, The Change School
 Gelareh Kiazand

Freelance Camera/Producer
 Anoosha Shaigan

Vice President, CourtingTheLaw
 Hirra Babar

Co-Founder, SMAG
 Aqsa Tariq

Editorial Head - Content, Communications & Conferences, IDG Pakistan
 Annisa Hasanah

Founder, Funopoly Games
 Vladimir Bataev

EU Smart Cities Architect
 Javeria Masood

 Saba Gul

 Amneh Shaikh Farooqui

Social Entrepreneur & Founder Polly and Other Stories
 Sophia Hasnain

 Nida Mushtaq

Founder, Fearless Collective
 Omar Gilani
 Nadeem Baig

Film Director
 Nazish Brohi

Social Sector Consultant and Activist
 Momin Munshi

Founder, Galaxy Lollywood
 Jessica White

Senior Consultant at EDUvation, EdTech/AI Speaker
 Babur Habib

Co-founder & CEO, Portfolio School New York
 Greta Rossi

CEO, Recipes for Wellbeing
 Olga Yurkova

AI Expert, Journalist
 Reza Pakravan

Adventurer, Filmmaker
 Madiha Hamid

 Abid Omar

Founder, Pak Air Quality Initative
 Abbas Ali Khan

MD, Abacus Global
 Taimur Malik

Founder, Courting the Law
 Abrar Ul Hassan

Founder, Morango
 Saad Rabbani

Founder, Cafe Commune and CVE Activist
 Asha Bedar

Clinical Psychologist
 Sana Farooq

Director, E-Learning Network
 Shameelah Ismail

 Ali Dayan Hasan

Senior Policy Advisor on Human Rights, UNDP
 Jon Halligan

Educationist (IBO)
 Naila Mahmood

Visual Artist
 Khalid Malik

Radio Jockey, Actor & Mentor
 Zoe Viccaji

Singer and Song Writer
 Natasha Ejaz

Singer and Song Writer
 Sajid Ali

Interim Director Leadership and Policy, Aga Khan University Institute of Educational Development
 Tahir Andrabi

Prominent Economist, Researcher, & Educational Leader
 Irfan Malik

Vice President ARY Films & Television
 Nabeel Qureshi

Film Director
 Nausheen Bashir

 Abdul Kabeer

 Salma Ahmed Alam

 Rishad Mahmood

Sports Editor
 Noreena Shams

 Bee Gul

 Waqas A Qazi

Satellite Scientist
 Arif Hasan

 Naeem Zamindar

Former Minister of State and Chairman Board of Investment - Pakistan
 Farhan Anwar

Urban Planner
 Ghada Hamdan

Marketing Professional & Entrepreneur
 Tamara Robeer

CEO, Play Create Celebrate
 Zarrar Khuhro

 Saad Khalid

Co-Founder, Plottree
 Shahid Khan

CEO, Indus Earth Trust
 Afzal Syed

Contemporary Urdu Poet
 Dr Soufia Siddiqi

Education Policy and Implementation Strategist
 Jamal Rahman

 Sarah Belal
 Richard Geary

Founder/Executive Director, Family Educational Services Foundation
 Imran Moinuddin

CEO Nexdegree