Jamal Rahman


Jamal Rahman is a graduate of the prestigious Chelsea College of Arts & Design and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. A self-taught musician, Jamal`s vision to create a platform where musicians could craft and create melodies of their own unique interpretation led him to conceptualise True Brew Records in September 2009, a dream which ?nally became a reality in December 2010. Jamal has more than 15 years of accumulated knowledge in musical theory and commands extensive production and sound engineering experience. He has also been involved in the administration and execution of numerous concerts, shows and musical performances of varying scale and scope. His music in?uences range diversely from contemporary western pop, jazz and soul to eastern classical, semi-classical and qawali. In his capacity as a producer at True Brew Records, Jamal has worked with acclaimed Pakistani artists such as Zeb & Haniya, Jimmy Khan, Atif Aslam, Laal, Aima Baig, Ali Sethi, Meesha Sha?, Javed Bashir. He has worked with Mira Nair as the Pakistan recording arm for the ?lm A Reluctant Fundamentalist, based on the book by Mohsin Hamid and has also worked with the renowned Pakistani author on the audiobooks of the critically acclaimed novel, How to get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia, Discontent and its Civilizations and most recently, Exit West. In 2016, Jamal was awarded the Best Sound award at the Jaipur Film Festival for his work on the original musical score, original songs and sound design for Sarmad Khoosat’s feature ?lm Manto. By November 2017, his studio True Brew Records launched an online music channel for YouTube called True Brew TV which features performances and features on emerging music talent from around the country. In the last one year alone, True Brew TV has released 32 videos of new original music and introduced a handful of new and exciting artists.

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