Amneh Shaikh Farooqui

Social Entrepreneur & Founder Polly and Other Stories

Amneh Shaikh Farooqui is a distinguished social entrepreneur specialising in gender, inclusion, and livelihood development with over 20 years in Pakistan's impact sector. Renowned for gender mainstreaming, leadership development, and economic empowerment, she champions marginalised voices in sustainability and social change, merging indigenous heritage, storytelling, and artistic expression to foster transformation. Her work operates at the intersection of of social justice, gender equality, and fashion, with a focus on communal leadership embracing intergenerational perspectives. Farooqui has curated the Women of the World festivals in Pakistan since 2016, promoting women's empowerment. She also founded Polly and Other Stories, a platform empowering Pakistani artisans. An Acumen and Miller Center Social Enterprise Fellow, she authored a book for young adults, ‘Fearless’, that chronicles the lives of 50 remarkable women from Pakistan.

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