Omar Gilani


Omar Gilani has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering, and was previously engaged in a PhD in Robotics Design in Washington DC. However, his childhood passion to create art became too strong to ignore, so he quit the programme and returned to Pakistan to craft a career more aligned with his true interests. For the next two years, Omar worked as a university professor, technical writer, graphic designer, visual development consultant, illustrator and a multimedia artist, all the while traveling extensively around his homeland. He then engaged in fulltime work as a video game concept artist in Lahore for two years. After that he began freelance illustration, and it was during this time in 2016, that his pet project was conceived. The project, titled Pakistan+, explores what Pakistan would look like in an alternative Sci-Fi reality. The project has garnered local and international acclaim, being featured by the BBC, Yahoo! News, MSN among others. His work has been exhibited in Islamabad (2014), Lahore (2016), Columbia University, USA (2017), Dubai, UAE (2017), London, U.K. (2018), and Seoul (2018). Omar expanded the work to incorporate new media representations, including animations, virtual reality, projection mapping, and augmented reality. He is currently touring Pakistan and conducting a series of solo exhibitions of the Pakistan+ body of work, sponsored by the Prince Claus Fund and the British Council.

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