SOT Conference, Edition XI



The first fully virtual School of Tomorrow (SOT) Conference, ‘A World of Tomorrow: Negotiating a Better Future’, reimagines the future of humanity. The world as we knew it in 2019 is a lost world. This 11th full edition of SOT Events aims to structure a response, based on historical contingencies, to the global pandemic. Over 50 global leaders share intellectual, emotional and social competencies to understand this global pandemic that both afflicts us and drives us to create a better world. The 3-day conference features thinkers from around the world speaking live to global audiences in virtual panel discussions, keynote talks, debates, interviews, and workshops on a range of topics shaping an uncertain future for both learners and societies worldwide.

Conference Dimensions .


New Paradigms for Learning

The breathtaking adoption of online schooling leaves many parents, students and governments anxious about what these changes will mean now and in the future. This dimension will address a number of key questions about an education space increasingly codependent on technology.


A Balanced Future

The Covid-19 global pandemic has laid bare the gross inequalities across the globe in health and income distribution, in addition to highlighting links between climate change, global degradation of the natural world, and the outbreak of new viral illnesses including H1N1 (Swine Flu), H1N5 (Avian Flu), SARS, MERS, Ebola, and Covid-19.


A Safer Future

Scientific and technological advances in recent decades have greatly improved our capacity to predict and protect ourselves from many natural and man-made disasters. However, the Covid-19 pandemic illustrates that we still remain vulnerable both to natural elements and to unpredictability created through humanity’s hubris. This dimension seeks to address ways to create a safer future for all.

Speakers .

 Tedros Andhanom Ghebreyesus

Director General, World Health Organization
 Andreas Schleicher

Director General, OECD Directorate for Education & Skills
 Professor Maggie Atkinson

Educator and former Children's Commissioner for England
 Professor Dr Ger Graus OBE

Global Education Director, KidZania
 Rosan Bosch

Founder & Creative Director, Rosan Bosch Studio
 Takaharu Tezuka

Award-winning, Visionary Education Architect; President, Tezuka Architects
 Dr Roger Carl  Schank

AI Researcher & Revisionist Educator; CEO, Socratic Arts
 Siva Kumari

Director General, International Baccalaureate
 Lord Jim Knight

Chief Education Adviser at TES Global; Former Minister of State for Schools, UK
 Carla Rinaldi

Visionary Early Years Educator; President, Fondazione Reggio Children
 Lance King

Renowned Author & Educator; Developer, 'Art of Learning' programme
 Shafqat Mahmood

Federal Minister for Education, Government of Pakistan
 Stavros N. Yiannouka

CEO, World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE), Qatar Foundation
 Jill Ackers

Director Of Education, VS America
 Cynthia Guyer

Senior Advisor, Global Dignity
 Mohsin Hamid

Award-winning, International Author
 Michael O`Sullivan

International Education Advisor, Former CEO, CAIE
 Stephen John Crowley

Director, School Evaluation Unit, Beaconhouse
 Ayesha Kasuri

Deputy Director Curriculum Development
 Allison Chong  Xiao Li

11th Grade Student, Beaconhouse Sri Inai International School, Malaysia
 Kanza Muzaffar

12th Grade Student, The Citizens Foundation College, Pakistan
 Anam Rathor

Environmentalist & Co-founder, Climate Action Pakistan
 Rina Saeed Khan

International Award-winning Environmental Journalist
 Hammad Naqi Khan

Director General, WWF Pakistan
 Ali Raza

Group Director, Beaconhouse
 Rod Boswell

Principal, Beaconhouse Newlands Islamabad
 Uzman Jaffrey

Brand & Marketing Specialist, Beaconhouse
 LaCheyna Sparrow Adebiyi

International Inclusion Specialist
 Saeed Ghani

Minister of School Education, Sindh
 Shirley Congdon

Vice-Chancellor, University of Bradford
 Nassir Mahmud Kasuri

Executive Director, Beaconhouse
 Jose Papa

Chairman, BETT Global Education Council
 Tristian Stobie

Director, Curriculum and Qualifications Development, CAIE
 Stephan Lewandowsky

Cognitive Scientist & Co-author, 'The Conspiracy Theory Handbook'
 Fred O`Rourke

Education Technology Specialist
 Aldrin Maqyl  bin Adira

Senior 5 Student, Beaconhouse Sri Murni School, Malaysia
 Hashim Kaleem

World Bank Consultant
 Henry Warren

Specialist in Disruptive Digital Businesses
 Manik Elahi

Legislative professional
 Hinah Espejo Mian

Change Maker, Debater
 Munizae Jahangir

Broadcast Journalist & Documentary Filmmaker
 Kasim Kasuri

Chair SOT, CEO Beaconhouse
 Dr Lawrence Burke

Chief Education Adviser, Beaconhouse
 Ali Bin Amir

Global Telecom Industry Thought Leader
 Alex Kirby

Journalist & Environmentalist
 Madeeha Ansari

Founder, Cities for Children
 Sarah Muneeb

Head, Assessment & Qualification Operations, Beaconhouse
 Zainab F. Zadeh

Clinical Psychologist
 Yasser Bashir

Founder & CEO, Arbisoft Ltd.
 Jibran Nasir

Lawyer, Civil Rights Activist, and Politician
 Saira Mubashir  Butt

General Manager, Early Years Education, Beaconhouse School System
 Nosheena Mobarik

British Politician and Life Peer
 Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri

Founder & Chairperson, Beaconhouse Group
 Nadine Murtaza

Educator & Executive Director, Headstart School
 Dr Faisal Bari

Dean, Syed Ahsan Ali and Syed Maratib Ali School of Education, LUMS
 Stella James

Online Safety Expert, Founder of Award-Winning Interactive Education Platform
 Mishal Khan

Leading Social Epidemiologist, UK
 Dr Umar Saif

Leading Technology Advisor & Entrepreneur
 Clive Barnes

Head of School, TNS Beaconhouse
 Safia Cassim

Cluster Director North, Beaconhouse
 Babur Habib

Co-founder & CEO, Portfolio School New York
 Tahir Andrabi

Prominent Economist, Researcher, & Educational Leader
 Nurelhuda Giobran

Grade 11 Student, Beaconhouse Al Khaleej International School, UAE
 Omair Shakil

Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School
 Adil Najam

Dean, Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston University
 Dr Ulrik Juul  Christensen

Expert in Learning Technologies; CEO, Area9 Group
 Vikas Pota

Prominent Education Leader; Creator of Global Teacher Prize
 Hina Azfar

Psychotherapist, Corporate Lawyer and Parent
 David Puttnam

House of Lords, UK; Academy Award-winning Film Producer
 Lara Rathod

Speaker; Creator & Host, Red Sofa Conversations
 Muhammad Moiz

Public Health Professional
 Tehniyat Khan

Project Manager, Acasus Limited
 Omar bin Sultan Al Olama

Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications
 Dirk Van Damme

Senior Counsellor, OECD
 Suzie Boss

Writer, Educationist and a PBLExpert
 Mosharraf Zaidi

Leading Public Policy Analyst; Senior Fellow at Tabadlab
 Dr Athar Osama

CEO, STEMx and Technomics International
 Alister Bartholomew

Regional Director, Beaconhouse South East Asia
 Amber Noor Mustafa

Senior Manager Professional Development and School Improvement, Beaconhouse
 Ali Hannan

Teacher and Debater
 Usama Khilji

Director, Bolo Bhi
 Stephanie Dobrowolski

Co-Founder, Rising Academy Network, West Africa
 Daniel Fung

Chairman, Medical Board, Institute of Mental Health, Singapore
 Ali Ahmad Khan

Chief Operating Officer, Beaconhouse