Scientific and technological advances in recent decades have greatly improved our capacity to predict and protect ourselves from many natural and manmade disasters. However, the Covid-19 pandemic illustrates that we still remain vulnerable both to natural elements and to unpredictability created through humanity’s hubris. This dimension seeks to address ways to create a safer future for all.

1. Are we ready to embrace a brave new digital authoritarian world post-COVID?

2. How do we approach the task of raising our children during a global pandemic which may last another 12-18 months? What risks and opportunities does a digital future present for our children and us?

3. How can we harness technology to predict a safer world?

4. What steps can global adversaries and superpowers take to work together during the COVID-19 pandemic?

5. If COVID-19 cannot be entirely eliminated from the world, or future pandemics averted with certainty, how can international agencies, sovereign nations, private enterprises and ordinary citizens work together to create a safer world?