Dr Aqdas Afzal

Programme Director, Social Development & Policy Programme, Habib University

Aqdas Afzal is the Programme Director, Social Development & Policy Programme, at Habib University, where he has also previously served as Assistant Professor. He has also taught at Rockhurst University in USA, and LUMS, NUST and FAST-NU in Pakistan. He served as a member on the Fulbright Selection Committee at the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan. Dr Afzal is a Fulbright Scholar with a PhD in Economics from the University of Missouri, USA, and holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s in Political Science from the Ohio State University, USA. Dr. Afzal specialises in investigating the link between economic growth and the use of fossil fuels in net energy importing emerging economies. He has written extensively on the microfinance sector in Pakistan. He won the prestigious “Student Scholars Prize” in economics while still a graduate student in 2015. He has also published in Journal of Economic Issues, the International Journal for Pluralism and Economics Education, and the Kansas City Business Journal among other notable contributions to economics.

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