Ali Xeeshan

CEO & Creative Director, Ali Xeeshan Theatre Studio

Ali Xeeshan established his eponymous fashion label, Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio after the astounding success of his debut collection at the PFDC Fashion Week, 2010. After graduating with a distinction from Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design. He furthered his fashion training from Germany and Paris. Quirky and eccentric, Xeeshan lives and breathes grandeur. His designs are anything but insignificant. Combining edgy silhouettes and shapes with an innate flair for ornamentation and embellishment, his romantic bridal wear and couture quickly caught on, earning him fans from all over the world. A connoisseur of aesthetics and a master craftsman, in essence, his work is a dramatic larger than life art form which delves into his profound philosophy of the universe. He is essentially a visual artist and his craft is not limited to clothes. He delves in diverse art forms shared passionately with the world.

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