Shahnaz Minallah

Life Coach of Mindfulness and Self-mastery

Shahnaz Minallah is a Life Coach of Mindfulness and Self-mastery. She comes from a long line of Sufi Saints from the Kakakhe Tribe, and has a deep spiritual background. Her work ranges from general well-being to dramatic health related issues, and aims to empower the youth to take on a journey of love, wisdom, and service. Her work aims to create a programme that marries what the youth loves to do with what needs to be done. Minallah has been co-chairperson of Art of Living - Pakistan chapter and has taught over 100 courses nationwide. Previously, she served as General Manager at Elixir Technologies from 1995 to 2001, and ran a successful interior designing business and furniture factory from 1985 to 1995. Her work was recognized and sourced by the Prime Minister House and National Library, Islamabad. She once dreamed of pursuing a career as an interior designer. She became a Life Coach instead, focusing more on the interiors of humans rather than buildings. She loves seeing people recognize the beauty within themselves bringing her true fulfillment - an interior designer in the true sense!

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