Tofiq Pasha

Environmentalist and Landscape Designer

A man fuelled by his passion for nature, Tofiq Pasha is a humananitarian, patriot, teacher, adventurer and traveler, always at the forefront in issues relating to civil society and the environment. He is a successful landscape designer and media personality, recognised for his appearance on TV shows related to gardening and growing food. Pasha is an experienced Master Trainer, having trained thousands in Kitchen Gardening for food security and women’s livelihoods. He is actively involved in creating environmental awareness among the youth and has been conducting environmental field trips for schools for 40 years. He has 50 years of experience in horticulture, floriculture, landscaping, and pioneering full grown tree transplant, and also water management, especially of smaller farms. Pasha introduced different varieties of high revenue crops interfaced with using water judiciously in different areas of Sindh, in particular the Indus Delta and the Indus Basin region. He serves as the Governor on the Board of Hisaar Foundation and is an active supporter of the Women and Water Network, Pakistan and also a South Asia focal point of the Dialogue on Water, Food and Environment.

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