Farid Haque

Co-founder, Erly Stage Studios

Farid Haque started his career at Andersen Consulting (later Accenture), where he spent a decade working in diverse areas including software development and corporate strategy. While at Accenture, which he returned to 10 years later to help explore venture building, Haque worked across sectors including Financial Services, Health, Consumer and Public services. He has worked twice with No. 10 Downing Street as the Programme Manager for the Prime Minister’s Council on Social Action and a second time as the Campaign Director for Startup Britain. Haque left Accenture to launch a creative studio, Erly Stage Studios, makers of Pollywords and accidentally ended up supporting CryptoKitties and the core creative team there with Kitty Assets. He got his first taste of blockchain product development while building a Venture at Techstars where he and the team built out an early wallet for physical and digital assets on Ethereum (there were no L2 solutions at the time). Haque`s third act was that of an investor. He has a broad portfolio of early stage investments across Fintech, b2b Enterprise and Deeptech. He previously worked on the investment team with Tim Jackson at Walking.VC. Today he remains a Venture Partner at DeepTech fund Intema.ai and continues to invest in early-stage companies through the DVC Syndicate on AngelList. Farid remains passionate about a decentralised future and supports a range of Web3 projects. He is currently building BraveNewDAO.earth, a DAO focused on green finance. He is a creative engineer at heart and is enamoured by the power of creativity and interest that the NFT primitive has unleashed.

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