Shaiyanne Malik

Founder & President, Save Our Children Foundation & CEO, SamanZar

Shaiyanne Malik is the Founder and President of Save Our Children Foundation which is an organisation for the education and rehabilitation of street children. The foundation works in training police officials, social welfare workers, child protection officers, and child helpline staff to identify children in need of rescue, create a plan of action to remove them from street life, and rehabilitate them, focusing on their mental well being. She works closely with the government to undertake planning, research, advocacy, and, where possible, practical support, towards creating systems, policies, laws and mechanisms related to the protection of children from physical and mental abuse. Malik is CEO of SamanZar, a Design Enterprise popular for its blend of history and culture in bridal, couture and Interiors. As a designer she has represented her country worldwide, having done cultural and fashion showcases internationally. She stepped into the development sector a decade ago and has undertaken many training programmes in rural villages all over Pakistan. She has facilitated the setting up of skill centres and has provided market linkages for displaced refugee and rural communities, contributing to an informal economy for marginalised youth and women, providing them access to trainings, skill enhancement and equal opportunity.

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