Shaiyanne Malik

Entrepreneur, A Design Specialist , International Award Winner and CEO, SamanZar

Shaiyanne Malik has been an entrepreneur for over three decades. She is the CEO of SamanZar, a design enterprise popular for its blend of history and culture in bridal, couture, and interior design. She received several awards both nationally and internationally, and SamanZar has completed design projects all over Pakistan, including prestigious Army, Navy, and Airforce messes and bases. Malik has been working with the development sector for over a decade and has established skill centres in remote villages of Punjab, Sindh, Swat, and Tharparkar to promote indigenous crafts. She trained in Italy at the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organisation in Skill development and is the only ILO Get Ahead (Gender and Entrepreneurship) Trainer in Pakistan. SamanZar has conducted cultural shows abroad and within the country, including Aman shows for Pakistan Navy and IDEAS shows for the Armed Forces since 2000.

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