Zufishan Anushay

Founder, JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter

Zufishan Anushay is the founder of JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter, the largest animal shelter in Punjab, housing over 300 animals on an area of 4 acres. Approximately 4,000 animals have been treated and vaccinated at the facility since the shelter's inception in 2020. The facility accommodates animals including equines, felines, canines, birds, and wild animals. There's an in-house clinic with vets, dog handlers, cleaners and caretakers. JFK provided emergency support in the 2022 drought in Cholistan. Working alongside PDMA, JFK provided food supplies, clean water, medicines and doctors to help humans and animals, both. JFK has worked in various pet markets and organised medical camps for animals living in poor conditions, including those in Tollinton Market, Lahore. JFK received appreciation by the DCO and was awarded on Women's Day 2021 and has also been part of many school activities where sessions are organised to raise awareness among children about empathy towards street animals. Anushay is an alumnus of Beaconhouse Defence Campus.

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