Hira Yousafzai


Hira Yousafzai is a Pashtun filmmaker whose love for films goes back to her childhood. Her directorial fiction debut was the award winning 'City of Men', a contemporary and rare portrait of two young Pashtun girls. She has been a part of the Prestigious Locarno Film Festival’s Artists Programme, aimed at supporting emerging young talent in the fields of art and film production from all over the world. An alumnus of the National College of Arts, Lahore, she recently set up her production house called Yousafzai Filmoona, which hopes to expand female representation in films and media. She also wrote and produced a short film, ‘The Round Lake’ funded by the Novo Amor 565 Fund. The film, which is set to screen at the Global Climate Benefit Concert, 2022, showcases the social dimensions of climate change and how women and children are more vulnerable to environmental challenges.

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