Dr Abdul Hameed

Inclusion and Disability Expert

Prof Abdul Hameed is a professor at the University of Management and Technology, Lahore. He is also Chairman of Standing Accessibility Committee, UMT, which helps adapt systems in order to create reasonable accommodation for students with disabilities, in line with the HEC policy on inclusion. He served as Dean, School of Social Sciences and Humanities for seven years and successfully initiated inclusion of hearing impaired students in the four-year BS programme at UMT. Prior to UMT, Dr Hameed served as Chairman Department of Special Education, University of the Punjab, for 14 years. He is the founder of the Inclusive Education Movement in the country and was appointed as Convener of the federal committee on inclusion of children with disabilities, in the Single National Curriculum. He supervised 27 doctoral studies focusing on various dimensions of Inclusive Education and is the author of over 60 research articles published in international research journals. He a member of the Board of Directors of Comparative Education Society of Asia and Pakistan Alliance for Early Childhood. and is an internationally recognised consultant on special needs and inclusive education. He earned his PhD degree from the Ohio State University, Columbus, USA.

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