Charles Barker

Chairman, Discovery Pakistan

Charles Barker is an experienced hotelier and motivational speaker whose business and career has spanned ten countries across five continents. He has delivered lectures in Universities in Oman, Hong Kong, Kenya, and Pakistan on Environmental and Sustainability issues, Leadership, and Science Diplomacy. Barker is based in Islamabad, from where he provides consulting services for the hospitality and tourism industries, both in the public and private sectors, through his company Hospitality Support & Consultancy Services. Also chairing Discovery Pakistan, a tour, trekking and travel company, Barker uses the platform to educate on and assist the development of sustainable tourism throughout the country. Having a passion for oceans and the undersea world, Barker is a keen marine conservationist. He is an Advisory Board Director of the Hong Kong Shark Foundation, and as a previous chairman of The Club Managers’ Association of Hong Kong, he organised several conferences on the environment and marine sustainability issues. A published author, Barker has written four novels and is a regular blogger on the environment, global politics, and current affairs.

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