Charles Barker

Chairman & CEO Hospitality Support & Consultancy Services - HSCS

Charles Barker has lived in many parts of the world, managing and developing hotels and tourism projects. He has a consultancy business, advising both the public and private sector on sustainable hospitality and tourism development, and lectures at a number of universities, both here and abroad. Based in Islamabad, he operates an exclusive travel company, Bespoke Touring, through which he highlights and promotes the wonders of Pakistan as a ‘must visit’ tourist destination. Barker is also the CEO of the newly formed ‘Second Chance Wildlife’, a local organisation dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating wild animals. An ocean conservationist, he is also a director of ‘The Hong Kong Shark Foundation’, dedicated to saving sharks from extinction. A published author of 4 novels and an occasional blogger of political satire, he also features on TV and Radio.

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