Muhammad Yasir Siddique

Senior Human Resource Professional

Yasir is a Compensation, Benefits and Human Resource Management professional with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in implementing best practices and building high performing teams. He has in-depth industry experience in Consulting, Hi-Tech, Logistics and FMCG companies. He is based in Dubai and looking after the Rewards practice for Philips in more than 30 countries across Middle East, Turkey, Africa, Central East Europe and Russia. In addition to his solid corporate background, Yasir has a strong passion in the fields of mind sciences, intuitive decision making, body language and hypnosis. He is a certified Life-Coach and an NLP (Neuro-Linguitic Programming) Practitioner helping clients develop a deeper understanding of their own unconsious mind and tap into its limitless potential. He has supported clients from varied backgrounds and cultures to elevate their level of self-awareness and let go of negative emotions or disempowering beliefs which inhibit them from achieving desired goals in life.

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