Rab Nawaz

Senior Director Programmes, WWF Pakistan

Originally hailing from Winchester, UK, Rab Nawaz began working with World Pheasant Association in Britain. After completing his Bachelors level education in Wildlife and Habitat Management and spending a couple of years on the captive breeding collections in UK, he decided to work in the Himalayas on the endangered Western tragopan. Attracted by the challenge posed by WPA's work in Dhodial pheasantry, he then moved to northern Pakistan. Here he completed his Masters in Environmental Management. In October 1998 he embraced Islam and decided to settle in Pakistan. He also caused a stir in conservation circles when he led a team to Palas Valley that videoed the Western tragopan pheasant for the first time in history. After joining WWF Pakistan in 1999, Rab Nawaz worked in Palas Valley until 2007, initially with Himalayan Jungle Project and then Palas Conservation and Development Project, a joint venture with the NWFP Wildlife Department and BirdLife International. In May 2007 he moved to Karachi joined the Indus for All Programme as Coordinator NRM and eventually was promoted to Senior Director Biodiversity. Currently he is based in Islamabad as Senior Director for Programmes where his portfolio includes, forest, oceans, wildlife to name a few. Rab Nawaz initiated the marine programme in 2011, initially working on tuna, and then by-catch, an initiative that has been internationally recognized for bringing conservation benefits on the water through the release of hundreds of marine animals by trained skippers.

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