Marnix van Holland

Senior Program Development Manager

Marnix’s career started in the creative industries running a youth hub and setting up various business initiatives in the Netherlands. After a short career as a diplomat at the Netherlands Embassy in Malaysia, he joined international NGO Hivos in 2014 and developed himself as an expert on Entrepreneurship Ecosystems and support in the Global South. He has experience as a Programme Development Manager in various sectors of business support throughout Africa and Southeast Asia. After living out of his suitcase for a couple years, he migrated to Zimbabwe where he developed various programmes in the food and (renewable) energy sector. For two years he worked at WWF International as focal-point and lead strategist for youth engagement, but recently moved back to the Netherlands to work for the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) on the universal access to energy agenda (SDG 7). He is known to be an outspoken personality on entrepreneurship support, (youth) empowerment and the role of innovative finance in global justice. But talks just as excited about his love for food, chess and crypto.

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