Syed Sultan Ahmed

MD & Chief Learner LXL Ideas - Educator | Entrepreneur | Film Maker | Publisher

Sultan is a 1st generation social entrepreneur and winner of seven President of India’s National Film Awards. A passionate educator, a prolific speaker, film-producer, publisher and education blogger, he is the Founder & Chief Learner of LXL Ideas, an organisation that enables Learning for Life by creating experiences through its films, events, research & publications. Sultan has won several international awards for his work with schools, corporate & CSR projects. He introduced the concept of Film Pedagogy to the world by creating School Cinema & IKFF. School Cinema is a first iof ts kind learning methodology in the world that utilizes the power of films to teach life lessons. IKFF - International Kids Film Festival is a unique film festival hosted by schools across the globe, that provides an opportunity for students to watch the best of international children’s films, learn from film-making master classes and make films to participate in the world’s largest film-making competition. In a career spanning almost two decades, Sultan has created international award-winning events like Horlicks Wizkids, NSE Funancial Quest, Dell Champs, Spell ing Bee, etc., that have given generations of school students across Asia a platform to express their talents. He is also the publisher of Mentor Magazine, a well respected monthly print magazine that focuses on School Leadership in South Asia & Middle East. Syed Sultan Ahmed's Ted Talk can be viewed at https://youtu.be/KrLIowOtE6s

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