Drew Perkins

Director of Professional Development TeachThought

Drew Perkins is TeachThought’s Director of Professional Development and co-host of the TeachThought Podcast. He helps design and deliver workshops and learning both on-site and virtually, while also coordinating PD work with other specialists. A graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Political Science, he was decidedly against the idea of being a teacher. With a mother and grandmother who are both educators, a stint as a substitute teacher lured him back to earn a teaching certificate in secondary social studies. Thus began a journey that includes 15 years in the classroom and leadership in Michigan, California, Texas and most recently, Kentucky, and spanned middle and high school, Special Education to Advanced Placement and basketball and golf coaching. Formerly with the Buck Institute for Education and the Collaborative for Teaching and Learning, he has designed and contributed to several PBL models, including the TeachThought PBL Model. Drew continues to deliver professional development and speak internationally. He has been light-heartedly referred to as a professional thought stretcher due to his emphasis on leading through inquiry and questioning.

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