Ibrahim bin Adnan

Student, Beaconhouse Newlands

Ibrahim Bin Adnan is a student of MYP I at Beaconhouse Newlands, Multan. His journey started with the PYP exhibition in June 2021 where he had chosen the UN Sustainable Development Goal of Responsible Consumption and Production, for his project. His research proved eye-opening and he pledged to reduce his plastic waste and recycle it. For the project, he started by collecting and moulding the plastic waste at home and school, into colorful tiles. Ibrahim went on to be selected for the Learners Paradigm Conference, where he was the youngest among only six students selected from across Pakistan. Currently, he is working on multiple projects such as creating fabric bags from old t-shirts, making recycled paper from newspapers and researching on ideas to make solar cells using old CDs and copper wire. At the young age of 10, Ibrahim is a proud, self-appointed member of The Ocean Cleanup in Multan.

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