Najeeb Paracha

Student & Deputy Head Boy, BCP

Najeeb Paracha is an A-Level student and Deputy Head Boy (2020-2021) at BCP Gulberg. He is one of the most prominent and active members of the Philanthropy Society and is currently serving as its President. Being a part of various organisations such as OED, Rizq, Uraan, Auxilium, KhudPazeerish and Parvarish Charity Foundation, his efforts are evident in the community service projects inside and outside BCP Gulberg. He represented BCP Gulberg at the Ted Talk and various debating tournaments. He aspires to expand Agaahi, an initiative by BCP Gulberg students where they train and teach the custodial staff. Najeeb has also been managing an online business known as ‘Blaze’ and has volunteered at the Meezan Bank as an intern.

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