Hasina Kharbhih

Founder, Impulse NGO Network/Impulse Social Enterprises

Hasina Kharbhih has been working to provide sustainable livelihood in a safe environment for women and children, for more than 31 years. She is founder of Impulse NGO Network, which was conceptualized in 1987 and is a significant force against human trafficking today; and Impulse Social Enterprises which aims to promote local artisans and create sustainable livelihood that helps prevent unsafe migration, which often leads to human trafficking. Hasina, Winner of the 2013 CNBC Masterpreneur (Season 1), has gained multi-sector expertise, including leadership and Institutional Management, human rights, livelihood and rural development, anti-human trafficking, migration, gender based violence, child rights, HIV/AIDS education and intervention, substance abuse and adolescent health. She is a recipient of numerous awards, including the Mother Teresa Award for Social Justice (2019), Asia Iclif Leadership Energy Award (2018) and IVLP Gold Star Alumni, US State Department (2013).

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