Rai M. Azlan

Blogger & Sports Social Media Professional

Rai M. Azlan is a versatile professional with an MSc in Marketing from the University of the West of England, Bristol. He served as the head of the Digital Media Wing at the Pakistan Cricket Board, elevating Pakistan's cricket presence in the digital realm. Azlan offers freelance consultancy in ENG production and Sports Social Communications, advising prominent sports organisations. His media management roles include stints with the Mardan Warriors in the Pakistan Junior League 2022 and the Karachi Kings in the Pakistan Super League 2023. Azlan is a distinguished bilingual blogger, recognised with nominations for the Pakistan Blog Awards and contributions to the Wales Blog Network. His literary work includes a short story published by Oxford University Press, and he actively engages in digital communication as an editor at Global Voices Urdu and a member of the Global Voices Community Council. His vast and varied career underscores his influence in digital marketing, communication, sports media and blogging.

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