Davinci Jeremie

CEO Davinci Codes, Founder Pandora´s Wallet, & Crypto Influencer

Davinci Jeremie is the CEO of Davinci Codes, Founder of Pandora´s Wallet, and a crypto influencer. Davinci is a senior software developer; owner of Davinci Codes SPA, a software development company based in Chile, currently developing Pandora´s Wallet a multi-cryptocurrency wallet. Davinci is better known by his YouTube channel name DavinciJ15, a platform used to talk about investments such as gold and silver. He is also a part of the MMCrypto team where he provides technical analysis of the crypto market. Davinci now is known globally and praised for his predictions on crypto matters. He has over 190K YouTube followers; he also participates in many interviews and events within the crypto community. As a result of his exposure he won the Best Influencer award at the World Economic Forum in 2019.

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