Kashmala Omer Siddiqui

Student at BCP - PECHS IB

As the vice president for IB, along with three previous years of being a council member, I realized that every day spent in the system had developed me into an empowered team leader and had moulded me into a bold yet empathetic person. Such a personality was a bonus when I became a team member of the debating society which eventually helped me win Best Delegate and Honorary Mention awards in six different conferences. Furthermore, I became an excellent communicator who could convince the audience of my point of view and a team leader that everyone felt comfortable with. That was also evident when I directed, scripted and acted for The Frankenstein play in IB. Despite having a variety of academic and extracurricular (Book- drive, HUGs development programme, TCF teaching) commitments to attend, I was able to manage all of them along with securing a 75% scholarship for the second year of IB, because of my strong determination and the ability to balance my academics and co-curricular, not letting any hinder the path of each other.

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