Iain Riley

School Head, TNS Beaconhouse DHA

Iain Riley serves as the School Head at TNS Beaconhouse DHA. Beyond his native Scotland, Iain has taught in countries like Turkey, Egypt, and Japan, with a significant 10-year tenure at a prominent IB school in Shanghai, China where he introduced the IB curriculum transforming it into a comprehensive three-programme IB institution. Iain is also an IB facilitator and enjoys sharing his knowledge with fellow educators. An active IB facilitator, Iain has led the 'Role of the Coordinator' and 'Building for the Future' workshops. In the past, Iain also trained as a classical singer and was a member of the National Youth Choir of Scotland, progressing to the Chamber Choir and then a soloist. He has had the priveledge of performing for the Queen and Nelson Mandela. Passionately believing in ""lifelong learners create the future"", Iain instills this ethos in his team, students, and their parents. He holds a Master's degree in Educational Leadership, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and a Bachelor's of Arts in History.

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