Melissa McBride

Co-founder & CEO of Sophia Technologies and Sophia High School

Melissa McBride is the co-founder and CEO of Sophia Technologies and Sophia High School, spearheading an innovative online and immersive education ecosystem. Sophia High School is the first British online School to be evaluated under the UK DfE Online Education Provider Accreditation Scheme and is a benchmark for best practice in the emerging online ecosystem for K-12 education. As the Chief Disruptor of the DisruptEd movement, McBride is committed to positive change and innovation in education in a digital future driven by disruptive technologies. Her advocacy for equity, sustainability, and accessibility in the global classroom model is transformative as she believes hybrid education is not only the future of learning but will be the great equaliser for access to high quality education for all students. With over 20 years of teaching and leadership experience across esteemed institutions around the world, her unmatched expertise drives her vision for the transformative potential of education.

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