Todd Shea

Founder and CEO, CDRS

Todd Shea is the CEO and Founder of CDRS, a humanitarian organisation established in 2005 which has aided more than 3.5 million human beings in their time of need with disaster relief and logistics; providing homes for the care of widows and orphans, clean drinking water projects, permanent medical facilities in remote areas, construction of school, homes and training centres, economic empowerment initiatives, a food truck which provides hot meals daily to food insecure citizens, and Pakistan's largest animal welfare program which has made history by operating the first national animal ambulance service and the first center for TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, and Release) for the humane depopulation of stray dogs. Shea has 21 years of Disaster and Humanitarian development field experience managing operations and providing logistics services to medical teams and other volunteers, and collaborating with military forces and large international organisations in 26 system-overwhelming emergencies, including disaster zones, and conflict zones in The United States, Pakistan, Haiti, Japan, Belize, Sri Lanka, The Philippines and Bangladesh. He has also provided funds and medical equipment for Syrian refugees in Turkey.

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