Ahmer Farooq


Ahmer Farooq is a Lahore, Pakistan-based artist whose critically-acclaimed work explores the complex nature of developing one's sense of self within a web of societal pressures. Farooq's paintings evoke a range of emotions, mirroring the sociocultural tensions felt today in Pakistan. Formally, Farooq explores the connection between language and figuration, imbuing his canvases with Urdu script. This script quite literally gives form to and frames his work. Akin to the Urdu language, these relationships are rich in essence, complex in construction, and ever-changing. Growing out of his experiences curating art exhibitions, Farooq's practice has become increasingly interdisciplinary. This approach not only involves employing a variety of media and mediums but also incorporates fluctuations in authorship, allowing outside forces to contribute to the works. He has exhibited in Pakistan, UAE, USA, and the UK, and his works are held in private collections in Pakistan, UAE, the UK, the USA, Norway, Denmark, and India. Farooq received The Stephen Medd 'Artist of the Year' award in 1999.

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