Shahbaz Taseer

Businessman and Author

Shahbaz Taseer is the Director of Pace Pakistan Ltd, Media Times Ltd, Pace Barka Properties Ltd, Lanka Securities Pvt. Ltd (Sri Lanka), and other companies of First Capital Group. He has extensive experience of marketing, business development, and operations. He is the author of the book, ‘Lost To The World - A Memoir of Faith, Family and Five Years in Terrorist Captivity.’ In late August of 2011, some months after the assassination of his father Salmaan Taseer, Governor of the Punjab province of Pakistan, Taseer was kidnapped at gunpoint by a group of Taliban affiliated militants called IMU. For almost five years he was held captive, frequently tortured and forced to endure extreme cruelty, his fate resting on his kidnappers’ impossible demands and the uneasy alliances between his captors, the Taliban and ISIS. ""Lost To the World"" is the remarkable true story of Taseer’s time in captivity, and of his astonishing escape. It is a story of extraordinary faith, bravery and sorrow, with moments of kindness and humour offering hope in the dark years of his imprisonment.

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