Faisal Aftab

Founder & General Partner, Zayn VC

Faisal Aftab is a seasoned executive, entrepreneur, and venture investor boasting an impressive career spanning over two decades. As the founder and General Partner of Zayn VC (formerly Zayn Capital VC), he has played a pivotal role in driving the tech sector's growth and development. As an experienced angel investor with active involvement in hedge funds and venture capital funds, Aftab brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Beyond mainstream investments, he has also ventured into cryptocurrencies and is a limited partner of the prestigious Silicon Valley Venture Capital Fund, 500 Startups. Aftab previously served as the Managing Partner and Executive Director of Lakson Venture Capital, where he built the Lakson Fund. He holds a MBA from Oxford University and Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Michigan State University. With an extensive track record of successful investments and a commitment to making a significant impact on Pakistan's tech industry, Aftab continues to be a driving force in the field, shaping the future of technology in the country.

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