Dr Faisal Khan

Biologist and Entrepreneur

Dr Faisal Khan holds a Master`s and Doctorate from the University of Oxford in Cell and Systems Biology. He leads an interdisciplinary and translational biology research lab in Peshawar which works at the intersection of big data, biology, and beyond. Khan leads the Precision Medicine Lab under the federally-funded National Centre for Big Data and is an Additional Director and inaugural faculty member of Bioengineering at the newly established University of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Swat. He was nominated as a Young Global Leader from Pakistan by the World Economic Forum in 2019 and was appointed as Advisor to the Minister for Science and Technology in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in 2021. He believes that "Biology has rapidly transformed from a field of science to an engineering discipline, allowing for the `editing` and `redesigning` of life. A new layer of de novo designs and forward engineering is now leveraging the discoveries of the past. Discoveries of the structure and the embedded beauty of nature on the one hand and our knowledge of how biological systems (living things) operate and function on the other.

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