Sal Gordon

Principal, Teaching and Learning, Green School Bali

Sal Gordon is the Head of Teaching and Learning - Principal at Green School Bali (GSB) since 2013. He joined the school to teach Mathematics, Science, Thematics; later becoming Head of Middle School for two years, and moving to his current role in August 2019. After completing a Science degree, he lived and worked in India for an Health and Environment NGO and quickly realised that most of what he had learned (in more than 15 years of schooling) was meaningless in the real world. He then travelled and worked around the world, learning new languages, customs, cultures; working different jobs and upskilling his life-skills; sailing boats, writing books, driving trucks, running warehouses, working in labs, building houses. You name it, and he probably did it - adapting to everything new (again and again), building resilience, and fine-tuning his love of people, for learning, and for this beautiful planet. After ten years, when starting a family, he knew his true calling was in Teaching and Learning - afterall, that’s what he had been doing all of his life. Gordon's professional career in education started at a public school in rural Victoria, Australia. In very time, he took the leap and was designing and teaching integrated Sustainability units (yet still trying to tie it to the standard curriculum). After five years, with bureaucratic road-blocks, and government mandated curriculum and assessment, as constant barriers to implementing long-term change in an old and rigid education system, Sal heard about GSB. It was where he wanted his children to go - and it was where he wanted to teach - and become a leader of an education revolution. As he puts it, ‘Children’s ability to adapt will determine the future of humans on this planet.’

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